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2573 stability sandal .

Genuine leather stability boot sandal. Has a high and extended heel stiffener. This fixates the subtalar joint and stabalises the talo-crurall joint. Good for children who require extra support.. For children with Cerebral Palsy.. For feet with extreme valgus or varus instability. Partial or complete paralysis of the malleolus area. Limited dorsal flexion. Problems with ligaments in the lower limbs. Accommodates orthoses.
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To ensure we’re providing you with the specialised service your feet require, we would like to connect you with one of our qualified shoe fitters before making this purchase. Please contact us we can understand your foot requirements and help you complete this transaction.

  • Fixates the subtalar joint and stabilises the talocrural joint.
  • Extra depth last
  • High and extended heel stiffener
  • Removable anatomical footbed
  • Adaptable
  • Velcro straps for secure fastening and adjustability.