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Piedro Therapy Footwear / Netherlands

By capitalising on long experience in optimising fit, comfort and quality, Piedro Therapy Footwear offers the perfect shoe for children and adults who are challenged by foot ailments. The human foot is a complex structure that is not always ideally suited to weight bearing and ambulation. We all have unique feet and place unique demands upon them. The average person takes about 5,000 steps a day and walks 50,000 miles in a lifetime. Our lifestyle, what shoes we wear and how active we are, clearly affect our risk of foot ailments. Piedro Therapy Footwear is the solution for any foot problem offering an ideal fit and the best possible comfort. Piedro Therapy Footwear has wide product range in several ways. First, shoes can give more function: you will find everything you need for any foot problem, from rehabilitation footwear to stability footwear. To address specific foot ailments, we have also come up with multipurpose footwear, which consists of a combined rehabilitation and stability stiffener. Also, the BioFit and BioGel products will make sure the fit and comfort of our footwear will be even better. Second, a wide range of styles. Functionality is important when it comes to footwear, but we believe a trendy design is too.