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PULMAN / France

To ease walking and relieve pain, PULMAN designs, manufactures and develops a large range of shoes around an original concept based on exclusive expertise featuring 8 essential characteristics with different depths and widths. PULMAN shoes have anti-slip soles for additional flexibility and safety with every step. They also feature numerous improvements in terms of comfort, safety and appearance.

  • The soles exist in two versions for the new range and the Xtra range.
  • Flexible shoes with multiple adjustable parts.
  • To facilitate entry into shoes and adapting to all shapes and ailments, they feature a full opening.
  • Sanitised: this treatment provides PULMAN shoes with durable anti-microbial protection.
  • Sanitised: for its bacteriostatic and fungistatic benefits.
  • Washable by machine or hand at low temperate.
  • Rapid drying on polystyrene shoe trees as provided by us.
  • Flexible, light, insulated and silent anti-slip soles.
  • Perfect air circulation is ensured by the specificity of our textile, RAZETTI, which maintains an even temperature for the foot.