Xsensible Footwear

The stretchable shoe…..

What if you could have a shoe that offers both supreme comfort and cutting edge style? Now you can with Xsensible, the worlds first stretchable shoe combining world beating ergonomics with world class Italian design.

Xsensible footwear™ has elastic stretchable uppers, which provides ample freedom of movement and superior comfort that is specific to Xsensible ™ footwear. The flexible upper allows your feet to be free from any pressure. In combination with the stable, feather light sole, the shoes may put a permanent stop to tired, painful feet after a day of walking, standing or working

The Stretch Walker

The most comfortable walking shoe on the planet….

Stretch Walkers combine the best of two worlds: a Japenese sole innovation and Xsensible stretch technology combined in a revolutionary walking shoe. Walking will be easier, more pleasant and healthier without special training.

The ROCKER BOTTOM sole exists out of two soft EVA parts and one reinforced part; this is the balance point that promotes automatic roll-off of the foot. It will make walking easier, less tiring, your body posture will improve and the diagonal wedge causes natural roll-off which is like walking barefoot on sand!

Stretch Technology by Xsensible, stretches as you do!

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