The Markell Shoe Company of the USA, established in 1914, produces a high quality line of children's therapeutic footwear. Their reputation for superior quality and service has grown over the years from a base in childrens' corrective footwear, to include a broad line of diabetic footwear, orthotics, and supports.

Specialising in Tarso Medius shoes, which are made over straight lasts, they are completely neutral, without inflare or outflare. Straight last shoes are useful in transition from Tarso Pronator or Tarso Outflare to normal shoes, or for mild pigeon toe where an outflare shoe is considered too severe.

Straight last shoes have therapeutic value where there is some slight varus or inward swing of the forefoot, which is often associated with in-toeing gate. The foot may have been previously treated – and substantially corrected – with casts and splint, or the condition may have been considered too minimal to require early treatment.

We at Comfort and Fit offer a small range of specialty children’s footwear but can order specifically to suit your needs.

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