About Us

Comfort & Fit has been helping people across Australia with specialist footwear for over 30 years, and we are Australia’s biggest provider of DVA and NDIS shoes.

Known as specialists in the field of health and medical footwear, Comfort & Fit work with Australian healthcare professionals to help solve the challenging footwear problems of their clients and restore their freedom of movement.

In our lifetime, most people walk the equivalent of four times around the equator of the earth.

To enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle, taking care of our feet is of vital importance.

Correct footwear plays a significant part in our foot health and general wellbeing, so choosing the right shoes and being aware of good fitting is essential.


 All of the brands that we support at Comfort and Fit are market leaders in their field, manufactured to the highest standards to look good and feel great.

 Our staff professionally fit footwear for all ages, from children with disabilities to seniors searching for the most comfortable fit possible. Care is taken to make sure that the best footwear solutions are offered with consideration of their lifestyle needs and the specific features of their feet. 


Comfort & Fit go above and beyond by offering a mobile service, organised by our local stores, to visit homes, nursing homes, retirement villages and hospitals. We also run complex foot clinics that deal with any fitting problems that require custom made footwear.

Our aim at Comfort & Fit is to provide high quality, podiatrist approved footwear solutions that offer the best support and care your feet could hope for.