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Unisex Medical Shoe.

Provide deeper depth and wider width. Fully adjustable to accommodate oedema and bandaging. Suitable for the management of ulcers, cellulitis, sensitive and diabetic feet. Recommended for feet with swellings, diabetes, prosthetics or plaster casts..

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To ensure we’re providing you with the specialised service your feet require, we would like to connect you with one of our qualified shoe fitters before making this purchase. Please contact us we can understand your foot requirements and help you complete this transaction.

  • Wide front and rear opening
  • Lightweight and flexible with slip-resistant soles
  • Machine or hand washable
  • Sanitized and anti-bacterial treatment of the shoe fabric to ensure long-lasting protection and freshness.

Brand Profile


The Pulman range of therapeutic rehabilitation footwear offers a fully adaptable fitting, both at the heel and forefoot, and is available in multiple widths allowing for the accommodation of swelling, oedema, lymphoedema and bandaging. Pulman footwear is machine-washable, making it ideal for post-operative or rehabilitation applications, or for those suffering from chronic ulceration and skin breakdown or incontinence.

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